Collective insurance, for groups or associations

C.A.T.A.Q. ASSURANCES INC. has been offering insurance coverage tailored to your needs since 1992.

Our collective insurance services consider your insurance protection needs as well as your budget. In so doing, we can custom build insurance programs to complement existing collective insurance to the satisfaction of your employees.

For example, long and short-term salary insurance protections paid out by the employer are considered as taxable income. This insurance protection is not sufficient to cover the cost of living in the event that this employee were to become invalid and unable to provide for his or her personal and family needs. This is where we can help to bridge the gap by administering through a group, syndicate, or association. In fact, it is with pride that since 1992 we have been administering a program that is entirely designed for the syndicated employees of the Canadian National Railway (CN), the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) and VIA Rail Canada.

Our motto: nothing is impossible, one need only ask.

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